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Student Social Work Association (SSWA)

SSWA students volunteeringThe Social Work Department has an active Student Social Work Association (SSWA) that is open to all full-time or part-time students who are social work majors (regular members) and other full-time or part-time students with an interest in Social Work (associate members). The Student Social Work Association provides a vehicle for student participation in the Social Work Department at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Recognizing the desirability of students having a voice in and the opportunity to be included in various phases of the Social Work Program, the faculty encourages students to join SSWA. The Association is the organization which represents the student's needs in the Social Work Department.

SSWA serves the purpose of enabling students majoring in social work to begin to identify with their chosen profession and to develop a relationship with other social work students, the social work faculty, and other professional social workers. The Association sponsors and provides a variety of activities and programs which encourage student participation. 


  1. To conduct the Student Social Work Association for the mutual benefit of its members.
  2. To develop an awareness of and a respect for individuality and to foster high ideals, scholarship, and increased knowledge of social work.
  3. To support projects which will advance the profession of social work and actively participate in them.
  4. To inspire in its membership deep and long-lasting pride in their chosen profession.
  5. To render such other services to its members, its profession, and others as may be in accordance with the Charter of the organization.


Each year in March, SSWA sponsors a Social Work Career Day on campus. Representatives from community social service agencies provide information to students and faculty on the role of social workers in their respective organizations. Each Spring, SSWA sponsors the "Scavenger Hunt for Humanity" which is a tremendous benefit to the community and social service agencies. Other SSWA planned activities provide students with a high degree of participation in community projects as well as in university functions.


Why should you join?

SSWA provides the following opportunities for students:

  1. To help others
  2. To have fun
  3. To make friends
  4. To make valuable connections
  5. To achieve personal growth
  6. To have input in aspects of the Social Work major

SSWA meets on a monthly basis. SSWA is open to new ideas and there is a SSWA box in Stubbs 246 for suggestions, comments, etc. Applications for SSWA are available on the bulletin board located outside Stubbs 246. Please check the SSWA bulletin board for announcements and other news.