The Louisiana High School Technology Challenge. Teamwork + Technology = Success You can have incredible accomplishments through teamwork.
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High School Team Registration (Free Electronic Submission)

This link has been DISABLED.
Click HERE to download the 2020 team registration form.
  • This year, team registration is free.
  • Registration is limited to the first 50 high school teams.
  • The deadline for submission of the team registration form is March 18, 2020. 

Team Coach Checklist

1. The Tech Team Coach selects a team of up to 15 high school students.
The Tech Team Coach should be a teacher or staff member of the school who has an active school email account.
3. The Tech Team Coach completes and send the team registration 
by email before the designated deadline.
4. The Tech Team Coach reserves a school computer lab with Internet access for the morning of the competition and ensures that 
participating registered students are excused from classes (just as they would be participating in a field trip).
5. Only the Tech Team Coach communicates on behalf of the team..  
6. Please check email regularly. Whenever possible, use email for communication. 
7. Please complete an online evaluation survey of this event during the day of the Technology Challenge.

For the sake of fairness, the online Technology Challenge has a strict time limit. The Technology Challenge is scheduled during the entire morning of the scheduled day of the event. Use your team login and password to access your online account at 8:00 AM. The completion deadline is 11:59 AM. There is a very stiff penalty for late submissions; one point is deducted per minute until all files are submitted. So, be sure that your team's files are "uploaded" well before the deadline. 

Key Success Factor

The most common "key characteristic for success" reported by previous winning teams of the Technology Challenge was teamwork.

  • As Team Coach, you will receive a registration confirmation email message on Monday before the Wednesday morning Technology Challenge; it will include visual instructions with username and password information for your team's online account. Complete visual directions will be provided.
  • If you, the Team Coach, do NOT receive that email confirmation, call us by phone. (In the past, a few high schools had blocked email from the "domain".). 

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