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This post baccalaureate certificate in computer information systems program is designed for individuals who have earned a non-CIS baccalaureate degree and who are seeking functional competency in an information systems related field.  The program provides an alternative approach for preparing individuals that do no currently possess the minimum educational qualifications or skills required to pursue careers in high demand occupations related to software application development, database analysis, and network administration.



1.     Baccalaureate Degree

2.     University Admission

3.     Completion of 3 hours of introductory computer programming

4.     Successful completion of each required course listed below with a minimum grade of "C"

5.     Completion of at least 15 hours of the required courses listed below in-residence at ULM

6.     Completion of 18 hours of information systems-related courses, including:

a.    CINS 3002 (Intermediate Business Programming - 3 cr. Hrs.)

b.    CINS 3006 (Database Application Development - 3 cr. Hrs.)

c.    CINS 3040 (Networks and Data Communications - 3 cr. Hrs.)

d.    CINS 3041 (Advanced Networking - 3 cr. Hrs.)

e.    CINS 4030 (Information Systems Analysis - 3 cr. Hrs.)

f.    CINS 4035 (Information Systems Design - 3 cr. Hrs.)


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Information Systems: Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement


Computer information systems related occupations are consistently in high demand nationally and in the North Louisiana region.  This post baccalaureate certificate in computer information systems program strives is to meet the educational requirements for individuals attempting to transition from non-technology related occupations into the CIS related positions in the region.  Entry level positions in high demand/high salary occupations related to computer systems analysis, network administration and architecture, and applications software development require a baccalaureate level degree in an information technology related field.  

According to the US Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in areas related to CIS development and network administration is expected to grow by approximately 26 percent between 2010 and 2020 in the US, which is must faster than the average for all occupations (US Department of Labor, 2011).  This growth is expected to be even more pronounced in the Northeast Louisiana region (Region 8), with an overall 47 percent increase in the number of entry level CIS related positions.  The 2011 Average annual salary for individuals in computer information systems related fields within Region 8 was $53,439.