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The Write Place

Now accepting applications for Fall 2023-Spring 2024 tutor positions!
Application form: link to .docx (due: 8/28)

Walker Hall 3-87 


Open Mon-Thurs 8-5 Fri 8-12, No Appointment Necessary

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Oldfather (oldfather@ulm.edu)

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A Creative Space

The Write Place is an informal and comfortable space where writers can talk about their writing concerns with tutors who are willing to listen, share, and respond. The goal of these tutorial writing conversations is not necessarily to perfect a given paper so much as it is to help students learn about their own processes as they work through the writing assigned in their classes. People who use The Write Place on a regular basis tend to develop a heightened awareness of their process, discover a variety of strategies for working through papers, and thus develop stronger pieces of writing.

Our mission:

  • Assist writers, during every stage of their writing projects, regardless of their status (faculty or students), their level of proficiency, or their college;
  • Create a supportive environment in which writers and their readers can work effectively one-to-one;
  • Train writing peer tutors to become knowledgeable, effective readers and responders to texts from various disciplines.

Improving the Writing Process.

In addition, The Write Place continuously attempts to overcome the stereotype that this is a place where only remedial students come for help. We serve all levels of writers, from beginners to experts. We view writing here as an ongoing process and we help students at every point of that process, from understanding readings and interpreting assignments to brainstorming, organizing, drafting, and editing. Overall, we want to help students understand their own writing processes and not just "fix"a particular problem. We believe that students can accomplish and learn much more if they attend regularly to work on on-going concerns rather than just coming for one or two visits to work on short-term problems.

Please contact your professor for information about The Write Place and/or other available resources.