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Carl Aron

Carl graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1961 and began practicing pharmacy.  He practices pharmacy in a community setting and in 1971 he purchased his own store.  Aron’s Pharmacy is a local landmark in the Monroe area. 

Carl is a member of LPA and LIPA, and has been since the 60’s.  He is also a member of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and National Community Pharmacists Association.  

Carl has three children, none of which chose pharmacy as a career path.  



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Bill Bourn

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”

“My entire career was with ULM” explains Bill Bourn.  Bill graduated in 1967 from the University of New Mexico, and then earned his PhD from the University of Arizona.  After graduating, he moved into the educational sector.  For 18 years, Bill served as the former Dean at ULM College of Pharmacy.  Bill is currently enjoying the life of retirement.  He has been a member of LPA since 1974.  

Bill has 3 daughters, all of which graduated from ULM.  One daughter is a pharmacist and works in a retail setting.  The twins both graduated from ULM, one in toxicology and one in nursing.  Even his son-in-law is a graduate of ULM as a pharmacist! 

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Julie Breithaupt

“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”

When asked about advice for current students, Julie explained “I would encourage students (who are debating between retail and hospital) to keep an open mind about the opportunities in both practice settings.  I would also encourage them to work both.  Keeping up knowledge and skills in each setting allows for greater control of your professional destiny.” 

Julie graduated in 1994 with a Bachelors in Pharmacy degree from NLU College of Pharmacy (now ULM).  In 2000 she earned her MBA degree from ULM College of Business, she furthered her education by earning her Pharm.D. degree in 2009 from the University of Florida, Gainesville College of Pharmacy.  Her career includes various experiences as a retail pharmacist, hospital pharmacy director, US Public Health Service pharmacist in federal bureau of prisons and academia, teaching online for University of Phoenix Axia college and traditional classes for LSUA.  Julie’s current position is that of Pharmacy manager/pharmacist in a hospital-owned employee (retail) pharmacy.

She is the current president of LPA, a member of APhA, member of Dufilho Society of ULM College of Pharmacy, as well as a life member of ULM Alumni Association and UF Alumni Association.  Julie has one daughter, a chemical engineering major at Louisiana Tech University.

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Don Couvillon

“Everything happens for the best!”

Don graduated from Northeast Louisiana University (NLU), which is now ULM, in 1971.  He began his pharmacy career in Baton Rouge working for a retail chain.  He then moved to Marksville, LA, where he spent the majority of his pharmacy career in an independent setting.  From 1973 until the early 90’s, he owned a community pharmacy.  Don no longer practices pharmacy.  In 1985, he began a career in wholesale pharmacy. 

He has two children, neither of which chose pharmacy as their career path.  Don was part of LIPA from the early 1970’s until 2009.  Even though Don hasn’t practiced pharmacy in a while, he has some advice for students who are debating which path to take in pharmacy, “Don’t make a definite decision on anything.  If your heart is in ownership, pursue it and go into it with the attitude of ‘I will succeed’.”

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Errol Duplantis

“Help bring wall street back to main street”

Errol Duplantis is a 1994 graduate of Northeast Louisiana University (now ULM).  He currently practices pharmacy in a retail setting.  He has previously owned two stores that are very diverse; as well as has opened and supervised various drugstore chains.  Errol is involed in political activism, helping to correct PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Manager) pharmacy models and addressing their impacts on access to care and the viability of pharmacy in general.  He just recently acquired his state insurance license and is now a licensed LA health agent with Alford and Associates, which has an emphasis on employee benefits and various PBM models.

Errol is the current LPA director @ large, as well as the past president for many years.  He is a PAC chairman of Louisiana Wholesale Drug (LWD) and president of the Delta Sigma Phi ACB Fraternity Alumni Board.  He is a member of the Houma Sunrise Rotary.  Mr. Duplantis has been on the Dean’s Advisory Council for 5+ years. 

He has two children.  His daughter will begin ULM in the fall of 2019 as a pre-pharmacy major.  His son is a senior in high school.

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Charlie Jastram

“What new thing did you learn today?”

Charlie Jastram graduated in 1977 and earned his PharmD in 1991 in New Orleans.  His past pharmacy experience includes critical care and nutrition, as well as the educational sector for a while.  He currently practices at University Medical Center in New Orleans, working with the surgical intensive care unit.  He has also worked in the trauma unit and intensive care unit.  Charlie recently became a member of the American Burn Association.  University Medical Center in New Orleans recently added a burn center, and Mr. Jastram is working in that area as well.  “I love the fact that I work at a large teaching hospital where the trauma, ICU and burn teams all work together.” 

Charlie is a member of ASHP, where he has served on council, the nomination committee and house of delegates.  He is the past president of LSHP, as well as the past president of SELSHP.  Currently he serves as a board member for both LSHP and SELSHP.    

He has one daughter.  She is a physician, practicing in Baton Rouge.

Ronnie Johns

Ronnie Johns

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for all good men to do nothing”

Ronnie feels that there is a distinct difference in retail and hospital pharmacy.   He states In hospital pharmacy I can see where a pharmacist can use more of his/her technical training and also work in a more isolated and less stressful environment.  In retail pharmacy there is still the need for technical and professional training but there is also the environment of dealing with the public on a daily basis.  It takes patience to do as the public can be demanding in many aspects.   It would appear to me that retail pharmacy would be somewhat more stressful.   Some people enjoy working and dealing with the public instead of being more isolated in the hospital setting.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the personality of the pharmacist as to what is a good fit for their professional career. 

Ronnie Johns graduated from Northeast Louisiana University in 1972.  He practiced retail pharmacy in his hometown of Bunkie, LA from 1972-1982.  At that time, he became an agent for State Farm Insurance Company.  He is not active in any professional pharmacy organizations at this time.  However, he has served in the LA House of Representatives and is currently serving in the LA Senate.  He is on the Board of Directors of Christus Louisiana Health.  Ronnie also serves on the board of the Metanoia Foundation.  

Ronnie and his wife Michelle have one daughter, Claire Broussard, who is a registered nurse and mother of their two grandsons, Lawston and Locke.

Randal Johnson

Randal Johnson

As the landscape of the healthcare continuum across the state and nation undergoes constant change, Randal Johnson is a prominent expert in healthcare policy impacting individuals, providers, and businesses of various sizes. Knowledgeable on matters at both state and federal levels, his management of healthcare issues through legislative and regulatory action has led to the retention and creation of thousands of jobs in Louisiana. Having served as Deputy Commissioner of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture for fourteen years, Johnson handled the Department’s legislative package for more than twenty sessions.

Johnson’s work is especially apparent during times of emergency situations. During hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike, he commanded the emergency power and fuel needs for all uses, including each of the licensed healthcare facilities in Louisiana – a position he continues to hold today in the event of another state declared emergency situation. By his efforts, facilities were able to maintain their life-sustaining needs through the evacuations, emergency response, and recovery efforts. Randal holds a B.S. in business administration. In addition, he graduated from regional and national law enforcement academies administered by the Department of Justice.

Bernard LaBas

Bernard LaBas

“Make sure you are nice to every customer that walks through that door because they pay your salary.  We are in the business of taking care of people.”

Bernard LaBas began his career in the realm of pharmacy at a young age.  He started out working in his father’s drugstore at the age of 10, doing small labor of course.  He graduated in 1968 from Northeast Louisiana State College, now known as ULM.  After the death of his father, Bernard’s older brother took over the family pharmacy, he later purchased the store from his brother in 1972.  Now, he owns four drug stores, which are all family run.  For students debating on which direction to take in pharmacy, Bernard has this advice,  “Everyone has a different calling.  Practice in different settings before making a final decision.”

Bernard is currently on the board of LIPA, and has been involved with LIPA since its beginning.  He is also a past president of LPA and is currently serving as a board member.  He has also been on the Board of Pharmacy for 20 years.  Bernard is currently a State representative. 

He has five children.  Two are pharmacists, one is a pharmacy technician, one is a physical therapist and one a emergency room doctor.  He also has a daughter-in-law who is a pharmacist.    All of the pharmacists have graduated from ULM. 

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Roc LaBas

“Try them all and stick with the one you like the most.”  This is Roc LaBas’ advice for students deciding which path to take in their pharmacy career.

Roc graduated from Northeast Louisiana University in 1994.  After graduation, he worked for Eckerd’s for four years.  In 1998, he purchased his own store, which he runs and works at, and has been practicing in an independent retail setting ever since.  

As a pharmacy student, Roc joined LPA and has remained a member.  He has held the office of treasurer and president, twice each for LPA.  He is currently on the Board of Directors for LPA.  Roc is a member of Louisiana Wholesale Drug, LIPA and most recently appointed to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. 

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Jason Lafitte

“I deeply value my role as a pharmacist and my ability to utilize the tools/skills I have gained to better affect patient care.”

Jason Lafitte is a 2004 graduate from ULM, who practices pharmacy in a hospital setting.  He began his professional career as a staff pharmacist at LSU Shreveport (2004-2010).  He then advanced to the position assistant director and his current position as Director at University Health Shreveport.  

In 2003, he joined LSHP and ASHP.  Jason has been on the Dean’s Advisory Council since 2013.  He is also part of 340bHealth since 2017.

Jason and Liz, who is employed by ULM COP have two children, both of which are too young to say if they will be future pharmacists.

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Loretta Vigil Lemoine

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”  Yet her funny side says, “Yes, I’ll have another”

Loretta Lemoine graduated from Northeast Louisiana University in 1994.  In 2001, she obtained her PharmD degree from University of Florida.  She obtained her Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) in 2006.  Her career journey began in San Antonio where she practiced in a hospital setting for a year; moved to Longview and practiced there for two years; back to San Antonio and practiced for seven years.  She finally arrived in Monroe and has practiced here for 14 years.  

Loretta maintains her memberships in ASHP, LSHP AND NELHP, which she has been a part of for 25 years.  

She is married to a “really good looking football coach”.  They have two semi-grown children who have chosen to pursue careers in real estate and optometry.

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Marty McKay

Marty McKay graduated in 1974 from Northeast Louisiana University (now ULM).  He practices pharmacy in a retail and long term care setting.  

Marty is currently a member of the Board of Pharmacy.  He is on the Board of Directors for LIPA, and has been for 20 years.  He is the current chair of ULM College of Pharmacy Dean’s Advisory Council and has been a member since it’s beginning.  Marty is a member of the state Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee.

He has three children.  Marty’s advice to students who are debating between retail and hospital pharmacy is “to keep in mind that 85% of jobs are in retail”.

Freddy Mills

Freddy Mills

Freddy Mills is a 1976 graduate of Northeast Louisiana University (now ULM) College of Pharmacy.  In 1980, he became the owner and pharmacist of Cashway Pharmacy in Parks, LA.  In 2000, he began his lifetime of public service when he was elected to the St. Martin Parish Council.  Since then, he has served in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 2007-2011 and currently serves in the Louisiana State Senate.  He has been the author of several pieces of monumental legislation regarding behavioral healthcare, access to physical therapy, medical marijuana, and numerous bills tackling the opioid crisis.  He is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare.  He has served as the executive director for the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. 

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Dan Newsome

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.” 

Dan Newsome graduated from ULM College of Pharmacy in 2012.  He began his retail career with CVS in 2008, as a pharmacy intern.  After graduation, he assumed his position as a pharmacist, then as pharmacy supervisor and is currently a district leader.  

He is a member of the ULM Alumni Association and APhA. 

Dan’s advice to students regarding the decision of retail or hospital pharmacy is “experience is the best teacher, so try everything you can so that you can confidently follow your passion.”

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Blake Pitre


Blake Pitre graduated from Northeast Louisiana State College (now ULM) in 1962.  He practices pharmacy in a retail setting.  He is the owner of Pitre pharmacy, which has been in business for 44 years.  

Blake is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council, LPA for 57 years, a member of APhA for 56 years.  He has also been a member of  Louisiana Board of Pharmacy for 36 years and is currently on the Board of Directors.  He is also on the Board of Directors for LIPA and is a 25 year member of NCPDP.  Blake received the Golden Arrow Award from ULM in 1989 and is a member of the Century Club at ULM, which is composed of member who have been alumni for over 50 years.

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Andy Soileau

“Never enough”

Andy Soileau graduated from LSU in 1973 and shortly after graduated from Northeast Louisiana University (now ULM) in 1975.  He is the owner of Soileau’s Pharmacy.  From 1979-2005 the pharmacy was a medicine shop.  After a departure from Cardinal Health, it became Soileau’s Pharmacy.  

Andy is currently on the Board of Pharmacy; chairman of LIPA, which he has been a member of since 2003.  He is also a member of LPA (since 1983) and a past president.  

His family consists of five children and seven grandsons, with one on the way.  He say hopefully this one is a girl!  Andy’s oldest daughter is a pharmacist and graduated from ULM College of Pharmacy in 1998.  

Andy’s professional advice to students is, “They should, whenever possible, work in as many settings as they can so that once they are in their professional careers they will know where they want to go”.

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Rob Toups

“The only Ameritime pharmacist in the world.”

Rob Toups graduated from Northeast Louisiana State College (now ULM) in 1968 and is the only person left from the class.  He is a permanent member of the ULM Alumni Association and has been on the Dean’s Advisory Council from the start.  He has served as a past president of LPA and is a member of LIPA and APhA.  Rob has also been a school board member for 12 years, on the board of directors for the school district and chairman of the finance committee.  In 2008, Rob was named Pharmacist of the Year.  A unique title Rob holds is that of a past admiral of a fishing rodeo.

Robs practice is an independent setting.  He is a compound pharmacist and owns his own pharmacy company called Pharmacy Systems Inc.  His company assists pharmacy graduates who want to practice in an independent setting by helping them contact the right people, helps them with funding and anything else they need.  

Rob has a son, who chose engineering as his career path and works for Monsano.

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Kenneth Wilson

Kenneth Wilson graduated from NLU, now ULM, in 1984.  He is currently the treasurer for LPA and has served as a past president of the organization.  He is also a member of APhA, LIPA and NCPA.  He is on the board of directors of LIPA.  

In 1987, Kenneth purchased his drugstore.  He practices pharmacy in an independent setting.  “The independent route has some challenges, but you are free to do what you want.  You also get to work more one on one with patients, which I feel is more personable.” 

Kenneth has two children, neither of which chose pharmacy as a career choice.

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