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Computer-assisted Composition Classrooms

What we can do for you

CCC gives all ULM students access to a sophisticated computer-assisted writing environment. In CCC, you can produce everything from simple texts to complete brochures, high-powered presentations, and web designs. With a state of the art printer, scanners, and a variety of multi-media software, you can satisfy any of your communications problems and assignments on the spot.

In addition, the labs are laid out in three large rooms with conference tables providing ample space for either you alone or a group of collaborators to spread out and work on project materials in comfort.

  • We provide the environment and tools collaborative groups of writers need to able to share and shape information and ideas.
  • CCC gives you access to on-line class activities and workshop space for English Composition classes.
  • With the software on CCC machines, you can produce a wider variety of text, web, and presentation documents which meet just about any need you have.
  • We maintain an extensive audio-visual library of videos and recorded music and poetry which can be easily explored through our intranet.

Our goal is to teach as many students as possible how to use these communication and research tools.


Although the CCC is used for classes most mornings, the room is available for student use when class is not in session. The CCC schedule changes from year to year, ask your professor for more information.