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Writing a Thesis, Dissertation, or Field Study
and Assembly of a Graduate Advisory Committee

The preparation of your thesis, dissertation, or field study is one of the most important elements of your graduate studies here at ULM. The link below will take you to an external website that houses important resources and instructions meant to help guide you through the process of creating and publishing your manuscript. It contains the ULM Guidelines for the Preparation of Field Studies, Theses, and Dissertations manual in an easy to use format with clear examples and useful checklists.

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Thesis and Dissertation Approval Process

Begin writing thesis/dissertation

Attend the Thesis/Dissertation Bootcamp

Submit your Thesis/Dissertation to the Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) prior to defense

Major Professor submits the date of your thesis/dissertation defense to the Graduate School five business days ahead of your defense

Defend your thesis/dissertation and make recommended changes suggested by GAC

Major professor submits T/D  to Grad School by e-mail and certifies that all GAC recommended corrections have been made by student

Grad School verifies student enrollment in dissertation hours and forwards to T/D reviewers

Reviewers edit for language/grammar and sends T/D back to the Grad School

Grad School  forwards T/D to major professor and student

Student makes recommended changes.

Major professor certifies by e-mail to T/D compliance officer that all edits have been made.

Student uploads T/D to ProQuest.

Graduate School reviews T/D for formatting only

Student makes formatting edits through ProQuest 7

Student submits cover page with original signatures to the Grad School 

Doctoral students complete SED survey

ETD Published!


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Graduate School



Forming Your Advisory Committee

Instructions for the selection of a Graduate Advisory Committee, including the committee chair, may be found in the current ULM graduate catalog.  Graduate students pursuing the thesis, dissertation, or field study option should refer to the catalog for direction on these important steps.

Graduate Advisory Committee Chair:  The chair or major professor of the committee is an advocate for the student and must have expertise and interest in the student's area of study. The chair advises, supervises, nurtures, protects, and mentors the student. The chair is leader of the advisory committee and manages the process so that university and graduate school guidelines are adhered to, which facilitates successful proposal and defense.

Graduate Advisory Committee Membership:  The advisory committee consists primarily of graduate faculty in the student's discipline. The committee's composition is further outlined in the student's college and degree program policy manual. The advisory committee works with the chair of the committee to determine whether the student's proposed study is appropriate. The advisory committee members have distinct expertise in content, mechanics, and methodology of the proposed study and guide the student's progress.

Graduate Advisory Committee Forms

Major Professor Recommendation and Graduate Advisory Committee Form
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