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Campus Wide Communication Overview


Campus-wide communication should be used to send your message to the university community. In all cases, the message must be university-related and the message will be reviewed prior to publication or posting. There are several ways to deliver your campus-wide message:


Event Calendar - The ULM Web calendar can be viewed at calendar.ulm.edu. Complete information on how to get your event approved for posting on the ULM web calendar is available on ULM's Event Planning and Web Calendar page



Group E-mail is a feature of ULM's e-mail system which allows users to send e-mail to a select group of recipients. A list of all established e-mail groups is available at ulm.edu/mailman/listinfo. Complete information is available on ULM's Group E-mail page



AxisTV is a closed-circuit, on-campus communication system which uses flat-screen plasma monitors to broadcast important information to ULM students, faculty, and staff. Displays are located at various points around campus. Complete information is available on ULM's AxisTV page



Fant-Ewing Message Board is a three-sided, electronic billboard-type display located in front of Fant-Ewing Coliseum. Complete information is available on ULM's Fant-Ewing Message Board page



Notifications is a way to target specific groups within the myULM Web Portal. Currently, notifications are limited to student groups. Complete information about notifications is available from the Office of Student Life and Leadership