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Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is a service provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Creative, strategic, and dynamic graphic design results in effective representation of the university. Graphic design also ensures university publications adhere to established branding standards.

Graphic design services are provided at no charge to any campus department.


ULM Publications

A ULM publication is any printed piece which represents the university, whether informational in nature, recruitment-oriented, athletic-based and/or targeted to any prospective student, their parents/guardians, alumni and/or supporters.

Excluded are academic works created as part of a faculty member's course curriculum or research, and student publications. When in doubt about whether a piece is a considered a ULM publication, please contact the Office of Public Information at 318-342-5440 or visit us in the University Library in LIB 205.


Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

All ULM departments and affiliate organizations must have business cards, letterhead and envelopes created and produced through Graphic Design, who will assist in printing and billing. There are no exceptions to this procedure.

Complete information on how to order business cards, envelopes or letterhead, as well as current pricing is a available at ulm.edu/businesscards


Identity Standards

ULM Identity Standards provides a comprehensive overview of how ULM is represented in print and other media, why the standards are in place, and the proper way to utilize the standards. You may download ULM Identity Standards from ULM’s Policy Database at ulm.edu/policy


Tips on planning your publication project

Most departments tend to produce publications on a regular schedule and understand considerable time and expense is involved in any publication project. Some pre-planning can save you time and expense and also help reduce stress when a project is on deadline.


  1. A good rule-of-thumb is to plan all deadlines backwards from the date you want your publication in the hands of its targeted audience.

  2. With a delivery deadline set, consider the time it may take to mail the piece. While first-class mail is the fastest, it is also the most expensive – costing over 50% more than other mailing rates.

  3. When using ULMs Bulk Mail Permit, the cost is significantly less, but the mailing time can be up to 3 weeks and requires a minimum of 200 pieces.

  4. Time must be considered to address the pieces, and depending on the complexity of the printing, your publication may be at the printer and/or mailing house for a week or more.

  5. The design process can take several weeks, based on the design. A project for a view book or magazine may span several months, from inception to delivery.

  6. Some publications may only take several days for design, printing and mailing. The key is each publication is to plan ahead!


Design Procedures

ULM strongly encourages departments to contact Shanette Washington, Graphic Design Coordinator, prior to starting a publication project.

Shanette can be reached at 318-342-5152 or swashington@ulm.edu to schedule an appointment.

To request Graphic Design services or to have your design reviewed, you will need to complete and submit a ticket: ulm.edu/opiservices

There, please log in with your ULM email (before the @) and password.

ULM units are free to design their own publications, assuming there is design expertise available within the department. For example, the School of Visual and Performing Arts is very adept at design, as graphic design is taught as part of its curriculum. Conversely, the Telephone Office may not have graphic design expertise available. 

While some departments have desktop publication programs — such as Publisher™ and Word™ — available to them, these programs cannot produce printer-ready files. Use of these programs should be used for basic conceptualization of the publication. Submission of your publication using these programs will result in a rework, further delaying your project. 

Programs such as Adobe InDesign™ provides a professional layout that easy works within most printing houses specifications. 

Due to the time required to conceptualize, create and produce any piece, as well as a fluctuating workload based on the time of year, please allow three (3) weeks lead time to use the services of Graphic Design. 

If you are unable to meet this deadline, you will need to use a third-party design service at the department's expense and with the approval of applicable vice president. 

Whether you consult with Shanette first, design your publication on your own, or use a third-party design firm, prior to printing and/or mailing, all ULM units must submit a sample of their design to ULM's Office of Publication for review and approval. 

Submit publications, as a PDF and/or printed proof to Kelsey Bohl, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications (bohl@ulm.edu) and Shanette Washington, Graphic Design Coordinator (swashington@ulm.edu). 

The Office of Public Information will respond to your request within two (2) working days of receiving the request. The design review will either approve the piece for publication or make recommendations for changes or improvement.  The piece cannot be printed until it is approved by the Office of Public Information. 

If your publication is printed and/or mailed without prior authorization from the Office of Public Information and the applicable vice president, the university is not responsible for the payment of services to any designer, printer or mailing services vendors.


Bulk Mailing

Bulk mailing requires a minimum 200 pieces to meet United States Postal Service (USPS) standards and requirements. 

The USPS has strict guidelines to what qualifies for a "non-profit" rate, as well as "regular" bulk rates. "Non-profit" bulk rates are substantially lower - almost by half - than "standard" bulk rates, resulting in significant savings to the university. 

Complete information about ULM's Bulk Mailing policy and procedures is available as a PDF Download