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Event Planning and Web Calendar

Please note: Event Planning and posting to the ULM Web Calendar is the responsibility of each department. This policy and guidelines are provided as a reference to university departments.

About ULM Events

Institutional events are opportunities to showcase ULM's academic and cultural contributions to the community. These events strengthen community relationships and foster future support, which ultimately benefits the recruitment of potential students.

Although we have several different event facilities, most institutional and community events are held at Bayou Pointe Event Center. The newest event facility on campus, Bayou Pointe Event Center sets the standard for excellence in Northeast Louisiana. 

Bayou Pointe provides everyone from brides to businesses a premier event venue that makes design and production easy on a client.  The 37,000 square foot facility provides an indoor and outdoor venue for many types of events such as meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences, banquets, and social functions. 

Our experienced staff is ready to provide guidance and suggestions to help ensure the success of your event.  The amenities include several ballrooms, a theater, reception hall, outdoor patio and stage, A/V equipment, a dance floor, stage.  All of this AND a beautiful bayou view!

You can learn more about reserving Bayou Pointe for your event here

More information about event planning can be found at ULM Event Services.

ULM Web Calendar

The ULM Web Calendar is an interactive, online calendar listing of events held at ULM. The calendar also provides details about the event, including location, date(s), time(s), and any costs to attend. Once approved, ULM's Events Management system feeds an event into the ULM Web Calendar.


By default, the calendar is displayed by month, but the user can change the view to day, week or year. The calendar also allows users to subscribe to events, set reminders via text or SMS messaging, add the event to an email/calendar program, or even email the event to a friend or colleague. The ULM Web Calendar can also be viewed via any smart mobile device.

Which ULM events will be posted?

Any ULM event in which the general public can attend will be posted on the ULM Events Calendar via the Events Management system. Examples include, but are not limited to:


• all athletic events
• special events open to the public
• important academic dates
• recruiting event dates

Each event will include the event name, date, place, time, cost to attend (even if it's free), a brief description, and contact information for further information. If there is a web page link, it will be included.

What will NOT be posted?

Generally, information about specific meetings for specific groups will not be posted. For example, specific class meetings and weekly organization meetings will not be posted because this is not information that can be used by the general public.

Who can post to the ULM Web Calendar?

Any ULM faculty member, staff, or student can submit a request to have a ULM event posted to the calendar if the event meets any of the above criteria (see the Purpose and Process sections) by completing an online form, located at calendar.ulm.edu. A moderator will approve the event before it appears in the calendar.

What about third-party Web calendars? 

The ULM Web Calendar is the official university events calendar. Any ULM Web page with an online calendar must reference the ULM Web Calendar. The ULM Web Calendar has RSS Feed functionality to allow particular events to display in a department's calendar.

For example, the VAPA website could display a calendar of only VAPA events. Those events would be "fed" by the RSS feed from the ULM Web Calendar, thus eliminating duplicate entries and providing consistency in content.

Please contact the person responsible for your departmental website for technical information on how to get department-specific calendar information on the departmental website. Use of third-party web-based calendars is not allowed for ULM events for any ULM Web page within the ulm.edu domain.