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Event Planning and Web Calendar

Please note: Event Planning and posting to the Web calendar is the responsibility of each department. These guidelines and policy are provided as a reference to university departments.



Institutional events are opportunities—opportunities to showcase ULM's academic and cultural contributions to the community. These events strengthen community relationships and foster future support—all of which ultimately benefit the recruitment of potential students. To best develop and manage these events, the Events Management Group, or EMG, will review all events sponsored by the university. The EMG, under the direction of the president, is comprised of communications and event planning specialists from a variety of campus departments.


This group will work to maintain consistency in ULM branding; avoid conflicts when scheduling events; help the president lend his support through public appearances; and maximize university resources. Criteria signifying institutional events:


Events with food and/or alcohol served to the external community Events where money is collected (sales or fundraising) Events that are held in a venue with a capacity of 200 or more people Any event involving the use of university property by a non-ULM group or individual Events that feature city, state, and federal officials - President plays a significant role in the program Events that may be seen as controversial and/or high risk (i.e. high-profile speakers, politicians, protests, etc.) Events that are held in major venues, which include (but are not limited to) Malone Stadium, University Conference Center, Kitty DeGree School of Nursing Auditorium, Brown Auditorium, Fant-Ewing Coliseum, Student Union, and Emy-Lou Biedenharn Recital Hall Events that involve the media.


If your event meets any of these criteria, please complete an online form, located at calendar.ulm.edu.


Your event information will be forwarded to a system administrator, a member of the EMG. The administrator will then contact (via e-mail) the university staff members who are required to review your event. These reviewers will look over all information that you have entered; therefore, it is important to include as many details as possible. If these reviewers have any comments and/or questions, they may contact you by e-mail or phone. Once your event has received all necessary approvals, you will be contacted via email.


Using ULM's name, logo, and/or artwork

If you are having merchandise made that contains the ULM name, nickname, logo, or artwork (i.e. shirts, hats, pens, etc.), please be prepared to submit a request to the Office of Public Information. Only approved vendors may print university merchandise.

Any use of the Warhawk imagery or wordmarks must have the prior approval by the ULM Athletics department. Contact Richard Duran at duran@ulm.edu or 318-342-5382 for more information.


Promoting your event

To ensure effective promotion of your event, it is essential you contact the Office of Public Information immediately after your event has been approved. At that time, please contact ksutton@ulm.edu.


Conducting sales on ULM's campus

ULM has very specific policies regarding conducting sales on ULM's campus. All those involved with sales activity must be members of the ULM community. For more information about such policies, please contact the Office of the Chief Business Officer at 318-342-1961.


Making your event accessible to everyone

ULM is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming working and learning environment for faculty, staff, students and guests, while complying with federal, state and local disability regulations.


If you would like more information or assistance with making your event accessible, or if you have any questions about providing services, please contact Sharon Brown at 318-342-3624 or sbrown@ulm.edu


Parking and transportation

When planning your event, consider any parking and/or transportation. For example, will you need to reserve parking spots near the venue for your speaker? Does your speaker/performer need parking permits? Will the event draw traffic from off-campus, requiring you to reserve parking areas or need staff directing traffic?


Food and alcohol at events

If the event will be catered, the caterer must be an approved caterer with ULM. If you are registering an event where alcohol will be served, you must complete all required information and provide ULM police at the event. Please ensure you have all of the caterer's information, and you are familiar with ULM's policies.


Changes to your event details

If any details of your event change after you submit the form, please contact Megan Hodge at 318-342-3624 or mhodge@ulm.edu


ULM Web Calendar

The ULM Web Calendar is an interactive, online calendar listing of events held at ULM. The calendar also provides details about the event, including location, date(s), time(s) and any costs to attend. ULM's Events Management system feeds an event, once approved, into the ULM Web calendar.


By default, the calendar is displayed by month, but the user can change the view to day, week or year. The calendar also allows users to subscribe to events, set reminders via text or SMS messaging, add the event to an email/calendar program, or even email the event to a friend or colleague. The ULM Web calendar can also be viewed via any smart mobile device.


Which ULM events will be posted?

Any ULM event in which the general public can attend will be posted on the ULM Events Calendar via the Events Management system. Examples include, but are not limited to:


• all athletic events
• special events open to the public
• important academic dates
• recruiting event dates


Each event will include the event name, date, place, time, cost to attend (even if it's free), a brief description, and contact information for further information. If there is a web page link, it will be included What will NOT be posted? Generally, information about specific meetings for specific groups will not be posted. For example, specific class meetings and weekly organization meetings will not be posted because this is not information that can be used by the general public.


Who can post to the ULM Web Calendar?

Any ULM faculty member, staff or student can submit a request to have a ULM event posted to the calendar if the event meets any of the above criteria (see the Purpose and Process sections) by completing an online form, located at calendar.ulm.edu. There is a moderator who will approve the event before it appears in the calendar.


What about third-party Web calendars? 

The ULM Web calendar is the official university events Web calendar. Any ULM Web pages with an online calendar must reference the ULM Web calendar. The ULM Web calendar has RSS Feed functionality to allow particular events to display in a department's calendar.


For example, the VAPA Web site could display a calendar of only VAPA events and those events would be "fed" by the RSS feed from the ULM Web Calendar, thus eliminating duplicate entry and providing consistency in content.


Please contact the person responsible for your departmental Web site for technical information on how to get department-specific calendar information on the departmental Web site. Use of third-party web-based calendars is not allowed for ULM events for any ULM Web page within the ulm.edu domain.