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General Licensing Guide for ULM Academic and Athletic Logos

The “University of Louisiana” name, its logos, and its athletic marks are the copyrighted property of the university.  Commercial use by other entities, businesses, and agencies for promotional and other purposes without the specific consent of the university is prohibited. 

As the brand of the university continues to grow in the regions, so does the popularity of its name and images.  The University’s licensing program was developed to assist in the promotion and proper use of ULM’s name, logos, and marks.


Licensing Agent

ULM is contracted with Learfield Licensing Partners, a company that manages the commercial use of ULM’s name, logos, and marks and ensures that only officially licensed vendors use the ULM identify for production of apparel, advertising items, and other materials for sale or distribution. 

Learfield Licensing Partners holds a seat on the Fair Labor Association’s University Advisory Council and Executive Committee a well as regularly attends meetings and industry events covering anti-sweatshop considerations.  Learfield Licensing Partners requires all active licensees to disclose detailed information regarding manufacturing locations used to produce licensed merchandise.  Manufacturers applying for a license are required to disclose this information during the application process.

ULM’s Office of Marketing and Communications and the Athletic Department work closely with Learfield Licensing Partners in its artwork approval and licensing program.  This helps ensure that artwork depicting ULM’s identity meets the quality and consistency associated with ULM’s brand.

Questions regarding the use of ULM trademarks or its licensing program should be directed to that office. You may also refer to learfieldlicensing.com


Licensing Basics

ULM’s trademark is any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word or derivative that can be associated with the University and can be distinguished from those of other institutions or entities. Examples of these trademarks include the University name, University logos, the University Seal, ACE the mascot, and all secondary marks.

These trademarks are the property of the University of Louisiana Monroe. All uses, either print or digital (with the exception of internal use by the University itself, news coverage, printing firms performing jobs for the University, and certain non-commercial purposes) should be approved in advance by the university.  Unauthorized use of ULM’s trademarks is prohibited.


Who Needs to be Licensed?

Anyone who uses the name or marks of the University of Louisiana Monroe for a commercial purpose must be licensed.  Manufacturers of products bearing ULM’s marks must have a license through the University’s agent, Learfield Licensing Partners, which vigorously enforces trademark rights.  This includes retailers who screen or embroider their own products or use products from another company. 

Companies that only sell finished products and do not actually produce or package the products themselves are not required to be licensed.  However, vendors carrying ULM merchandise should ensure that the products they distribute are licensed vendors.


Who Must Use Licensed Vendors?

University departments and units do not need permission to use University marks on products intended for normal business operations such as forms, stationery, brochures, and business cards. However, trademarks should not be altered and should be reproduced using a high-quality master digital image available from the Office of University Marketing and Communications and the Athletic Department.

University departments, units, and student organizations may use ULM’s trademarks on marketing and promotional specialty items or clothing; however, these items must be acquired from licensed manufacturers. A list of these vendors is available from Learfield Licensing Partners, the Office of Marketing and Communications or the Athletic Department.


How does a manufacturer of vendor obtain a license?

ULM manages the program through Learfield Licensing Partners. Information on becoming a licensee can be obtained from the Learfield Licensing Partners website. Information on the services provided by Learfield Licensing Partners, including a copy of an application and license agreement can be found on his website or by contacting the company at:

7990 North Point Blvd. Suite 120

Winston-Salem, NC   27106

Telephone: 336-896-7907 x208

Fax: 336-896-7910

Email: pmills@learfieldlicensing.com

The licensing process takes approximately 30 days. Prospective licensees will be required to complete an application, pay the required licensing fee, and submit a copy of its insurance certificate. The University’s main contact at Learfield Licensing Partners is Paul Mills.


General Guidelines Regarding Licensing

The following are general guidelines that should be followed in regards to the University of Louisiana Monroe’s trademark and licensing program:

Any order placed by the University of Louisiana Monroe for internal use and not for resale must be placed with an officially licensed manufacturer of The University of Louisiana Monroe.

These products are exempt from royalties.

Any unlicensed person or business who is knowingly printing licensed products is subject to paying double-back royalties or possible civil litigation.

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to the University of Louisiana Monroe Office of Marketing and Communication or the Athletic Department.