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Policies & Procedures

We strive to serve and educate ULM faculty and staff on OSPR polices and procedures.  Please contact the OSPR office if you would like individual or group training, guidance on a particular circumstance or matter, or for additional procedure information not provided below. 


Biosafety  [7/1/09]

Cost Share/Match  [7/1/13]

Export Control  [rev. 11/12/09]

Facilities and Administration/Indirect Costs (F&A/IC)   [7/1/13]

F&A/Indirect Cost Return and Use  [rev. 3/28/19]

Process for Distribution of Indirect Costs [9/25/2019]

Financial Conflict of Interest  [11/19/08]

Financial Conflict of Interest for NSF, NIH and PHS-Sponsored Projects  [rev. 8/24/12]

Gift vs. Sponsored Program  [11/3/08]

Human Subjects Protection  [11/3/08]

Misconduct Policy  [1/31/17] The institution is strongly committed to protecting whistleblowers, people who act in good faith in their attempts to make responsible parties aware of scientific misconduct. The policy indicates the extent to which ULM takes its obligation to protecting whistleblowers. 

Proposal Review and Approval [02/3/22]

Salary Recovery Incentive Program  [7/1/13]

Salary Release from Sponsored Program  [7/1/13]

Time and Effort Reporting  [2/10/14]

Procedures and Instructional Guides

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DUNS number and sam.gov registration for subawardees

How to obtain a DUNS number and register at sam.gov - download instructions [.docx] [1-23-14]

Time and Effort
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Graduate Students
  • It is the responsibility of the PI to secure any and all graduate students. 
  • The PI must ensure all graduate students receive CITI Training.
External Collaboration
  • Any external collaboration must be approved by the OSPR.
  • The OSPR will develop any necessary contracts or agreements for such collaboration.