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ULM’s new online T&E reporting system aids all ULM employed individuals involved on a sponsored program/externally funded grant or project to complete their effort certifications. The new online reporting system provides information about effort for the time frame of an entire year.


1. The Principal Investigator (PI) has the responsibility to be the first to approve a report inclusive of all faculty/staff/student/employee’s effort as proposed on their grant project.

2. The Principal Investigator (PI) has the responsibility to complete the T&E forms for all student/GA/casual wage persons. This online T&E form is different than the ULM PI/faculty/staff persons form. This form is not populated with grant/project details. (Students/GA/casual wage individuals will not need to take any action to report effort.)

3. Each  PI and ULM faculty/staff person is responsible for affirming their effort conducted on all externally funded grant/projects on their individual T&E Report form. For your individualized report, the grant/project(s) effort information (Section A and/or B) has been entered by OSPR and approved by the PI(s). You will complete Section C of the report and submit.

Note: If a faculty or staff employee is no longer working at ULM, it is the responsibility of the PI or Dean’s Office to aid OSPR in completing their form.

   Additional note: contractors, subawardees or non-directly paid personnel through ULM’s payroll department do not complete a ULM T&E Report. These personnel are subject to T&E reporting as required by their establishments.



If you actively worked on an externally funded grant/project during the time frame of:
January 1 to December 31, 2015

PI’s first complete the T&E report inclusive of all ULM personnel (due between March 18 to March 31)

All other grant/project personnel complete the individual (PI and ULM faculty/staff person) and/or student/GA/casual wage T&E forms - (due between April 1 to April 8)


 Online website for Time and Effort reporting:   https://webservices.ulm.edu/ospr/



Time and Effort Reporting  [2/10/14]




Procedures and Guides

Pre/Post Award Guide for Time, Effort, T&E Reporting, Compensation Planning, and related terminology

Time & Effort Planning Instructions and Guide [ppt] [rev. 5/7/13]


Time and Effort Certification using the ULM online system

ULM online T&E Reporting Instructions and Guide [rev. 3/17/16]