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Kaltura Capture | Moodle

Software Upgrade Notice Regarding Kaltura

For those using Kaltura resources in your course content such as in Moodle, we have deployed the adjustments in Moodle to take advantage of the new Kaltura Personal Capture (or Kaltura Capture, KC).  This new version fully replaces Kaltura CaptureSpace for your local desktop recording needs.  As of June 1, Kaltura has put CaptureSpace into end-of-life mode meaning that they will no longer be supporting or providing updates to CaptureSpace.


For Moodle usage, KC is found at the same location as the former CaptureSpace – under your course’s “My Media” tab.  You’ll need to conduct a few quick install steps to activate the new KC program.

screen shot of the kaltura capture softwareOnce you have the new KC installed, you may find several of these references and How-To Videos of interest:


Quick-Start Guide


FAQ:  Moving from CaptureSpace to Kaltura Personal Capture


o    Product Walkthrough 


o    How to Install the Kaltura Personal Capture Application


o    Getting Started with Kaltura Personal Capture Application


o    How to Set the Recording Options in Kaltura Personal Capture


o    How to Set and Create a Presentation Recording with Kaltura Personal Capture



For those askingWhat is Kaltura? It is Desktop video capture software; available for Windows and MAC software platforms. The Kaltura platform has several components which include Kaltura Capture, Kaltura Classroom, and MediaSite. ULM maintains a site license for this platform.