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Choosing a university with which to pursue your education is a huge investment and takes time to find the school that will be the perfect fit for you.

Jarred Hendry, eULM Business Administration Student, says he chose eULM because, “there has always been a person available to help me with any arising issues. They also solve the issues within 24 hours and keep a strong line of communication with me.” A priority for eULM is to be available and establish a connection with our students from the moment they inquire about one of our programs until they graduate. We consider it a privilege to be a part of this journey with you.

Student Advocate and Retention Coordinator, Jessica Griggs, spoke with Jarred about what obtaining a college degree means to him. “Obtaining this degree means everything for the future of my family and me. No one in my family has ever earned a college degree; I want to change that for myself and for my kids.” Jarred plans to continue his career in the oil field but having a college degree will open up new leadership and management opportunities. Since Jarred is a working father, being able to take courses online and somewhat work at his own pace has been very important to him.

When asked what the most beneficial aspect of his online experience with eULM has been thus far, Jarred said, “I would have to say the University Seminar course. This course has helped me grasp the concepts of online courses and taught me new techniques to be more efficient in my studies. I also can’t forget the help from Mrs. Jessica Griggs, the Student Advocate and Retention Coordinator. Whenever I had a question or concern she was there to assist and resolve the issue immediately. She made my transition to ULM very easy and stress free.”

If you are interested in learning more about what programs are offered through eULM please give us a call, 318-342-3146 or email us at onlinedegrees@ulm.edu.



The eULM program is now simply referred to as ULM Online.

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