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photo of kelsey smilingBecoming an eULM student has been one of the best decisions that I have made for myself since starting my college career in 2010.

I was a face-to-face student in my undergraduate years, and I found it extremely hard financially when working limited hours due to scheduling around my classes. I have supported myself since I graduated from high school, mostly by choice, but also due to some family circumstances so being able to have a full-time job and attend school full-time is a huge blessing to me.

I looked into colleges all over Louisiana when I decided to get my Master's degree. I could not find the right fit for me when it came to balancing face-to-face classes with being able to work enough hours to pay my bills. When I found out that I could get my Master's exclusively online with eULM, I knew that ULM was exactly where I needed to be.

I have heard so many people say "I don't learn anything without a teacher standing in front of me." I cannot stress enough how untrue that statement has been for me. My professors at ULM have taught me so much, and they are always an email or even a phone call away if necessary.

Another reason that I chose eULM is because I absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere of ULM. Whether it be in person or online, this University has always made me feel like I was part of a larger family. I have never felt like just a Student ID Number floating around in space, and I thank ULM for constantly showing me the love and support that they have shown me. I know that the education I have obtained from this University is priceless, and I will forever be thankful that ULM believed in me from the very beginning when I was not even sure what career I was interested in. This University has definitely shaped me into the responsible, outgoing, and enthusiastic adult that I am today! Because eULM believed in me, I have no doubt that I will have a very bright future!

-Kelsey, eULM Student



The eULM program is now simply referred to as ULM Online.

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