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Citations and Fines

All citations (tickets) for on-campus parking violations can be paid online or in person at LA Capitol Federal Credit Union, located on campus on Northeast Drive. 

Pay Online: Faculty, Staff and Students with Banner accounts

1. Login into Banner

2. Select the Employee or Student tab/link, as applicable

3. Click the Parking Permits/Citations link

4. Select Citation Payment Menu to make a payment using ULM’s TouchNet payment system.

Aramark, contractors and vendors should pay at LA Capitol Federal Credit Union located on Northeast Drive on campus. Ensure your payment is under the "Miscellaneous Account" and forward all receipts to UPD.


Visitor Parking Citations

Visitors receiving citations for parking violations, except for parking in handicapped or fire zones, are not subject to the payment of fines and penalties, but are requested to comply with the instructions found on the back of the ticket.

If you are a visitor to our campus and receive a parking citation, you can do one of the following:

1. Sign the back of the citation and return it to the University Police Department, located in Filhiol Hall, 3811 DeSiard Street on the ULM campus

- or -

2. Complete the Visitor Online Waiver Form


ULM Parking Citations and Fines Fee Schedule
Blocking Dumpster $50.00
Blocking Legally Parked Vehicle $50.00
Double Parked (Over Line) $50.00
Exceeded Time Limit $50.00
Expired Permit $50.00
Falsifying, Forging, or Altering Permits $50.00
Failure to Obey a Police Officer $50.00
Failure to Register a Vehicle $50.00
Failure to Stop (Stop Sign, Red Light, Red Flashing Light) $50.00
Handicap Violation $150.00
Immobilization (Excessive Citations or Failed to Register) $100.00
Improper Display of Permit $50.00
Improper Parking $50.00
No Display of Permit $50.00
Other $50.00
Parked in Grass $50.00
Parked Facing Flow of Traffic $50.00
Parked in Faculty Zone $50.00
Parked in Fire Zone $150.00
Parked in Health Science Reserved
Parked in Loading Zone $50.00
Parked in No Parking Zone $50.00
Parked in Reserved Area $50.00
Parked in Wrong Zone $50.00
Parked on Sidewalk $50.00
Unauthorized Removal of Barricade $50.00
Unauthorized Removal of Immobilizer $50.00