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Special Events/Use of University Facilities

With the exception of events that are open to the general public and advertised as such, the university's facilities and programs are generally reserved for accomplishing the objectives and programs of the university.

Visitors and non-university affiliated groups seeking to use university facilities are expected to make prior arrangements with the appropriate university office. Authorization to use the ULM facilities is determined by university regulations and policies.

Non-university groups must furnish a certificate of insurance prior to the event reflecting appropriate liability insurance covering participants and spectators. This policy shall be made in favor of the University of Louisiana Monroe with a minimum coverage requirement of: 

Special Event Security

Security by the University Police Department (UPD) is required at the following on-campus events:

•  when money is exchanged (i.e., raffle tickets, t-shirt sales, donations) 

•  if alcohol is served 

•  where a ULM facility is booked by a non-university entity 

•  if the event is held outside the regular hours of university operation, which is 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Thurs;  7:30 am to 11:30 am Friday. 

•  based on the number of participants attending the event. UPD will be charged with making this determination.

Security by UPD must be arranged through University Police at least two weeks advance notice of the event. UPD determines how many officers are needed. Rates are $35 per hour per officer with a three hour minimum per officer.

Special Event Parking

Any large group visiting campus will be required to make advanced arrangements for special parking through the Campus Group Sponsor. The Campus Group Sponsor (i.e., Recruitment, Career Center, Athletics, ULM Foundation, etc.) must use the Special Events and Parking Request Form to submit the request.

Only ULM employees and students can submit the Special Events and Parking Request Form and must login to the form using their ULM login/password credentials.

At least two (2) weeks advance notice is required to allow UPD to work out event details. Please contact Sergeant James Willis at jwillis@ulm.edu if you have questions.

Visitors and guests to ULM residence halls must be registered by their hosts while in residence halls and apartments.