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Visitor Parking Info

All visitors who wish to park on-campus must obtain a temporary parking pass from UPD. Temporary parking permits are available anytime by visiting the University Police Department, located in Filhiol Hall at 3811 DeSiard Street. Visitors are entitled to the use of all parking areas and zones except reserved parking spaces.

Any large group visiting campus will be required to make advanced arrangements for special parking through the Campus Group Sponsor. The Campus Group Sponsor (i.e., Recruitment, Career Center, Athletics, ULM Foundation, etc.) must use the Special Events and Parking Request Form to submit the request.

Only ULM employees and students can submit the Special Events and Parking Request Form and must login to the form using their myULM login/password credentials.

At least two (2) weeks advance notice is required to allow UPD to work out parking details. Please contact Parking Supervisor Jeremy Kent at kent@ulm.edu if you have questions.

Vehicles brought on campus by students, faculty members, staff personnel, or employees are not eligible for classification as a "visitor vehicle" under any circumstances.


Visitor Parking Citations

Visitors receiving citations for parking violations, except for parking in handicapped or fire zones, are not subject to the payment of fines and penalties, but are requested to comply with the instructions found on the back of the ticket.

If you are a visitor to our campus and receive a parking citation, you can do one of the following:

1. Sign the back of the citation and return it to the University Police Department, located in Filhiol Hall, 3811 DeSiard Street on the ULM campus

- or -

2. Complete the Visitor Online Waiver Form