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Permit/Hang Tag Display

All vehicles must display a current ULM permit/hang tag while parked on campus. Proper display of either a decal (students only) or hangtag (faculty/staff and certain exemptions for students) is required. 

Students are issued a decal, to be displayed at the lower left corner of the rear window. Commuter/East Resident/West Resident/Physically Challenged student parking permit/hangtags for Hall Directors must hang from the front mirror of the vehicle with the permit number clearly visible from outside of the vehicle. If your vehicle has a soft top/convertible, please check with the UPD for decal placement. Improper display or obscured display of a parking hangtag is a violation subject to enforcement.

Faculty/Staff are issued a hangtag to be hung from the vehicle's rearview mirror, with the permit number facing outward. 

Handicapped and physically challenged persons must have ID card and be able to present it upon request by UPD. Any handicap/physically challenged hangtag issued by a state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) should be placed hung from the vehicle's rearview mirror, behind the ULM hangtag (if applicable.)

A Mobility Impaired Parking Procedure/Memo/Application is available for download and Temporary Physically Challenged permits can be issued upon receipt of a displayed notification by the ULM Parking Office.