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Miss ULM's Teen 2024

Bella Fontana

Bella in Blue

Miss ULM's Teen, Bella Fontana

Bella Fontana is a junior at West Monroe High School. She lives with her mom and three dogs. She’s active in her school's varsity dance team and Key club, as well as in her community at DBK Dance and Performing Arts as a part of their traveling competition team where she’s a member of the senior company. She loves dancing, reading, and pageants. Bella is very passionate about spending time with her #dbkdancefam and always looks forward to dancing on the competition floor with them.

Bella’s CSI is #spreadtheLOVE. LOVE stands for Listen, Observe, Value, and Empower. This program and hashtag is designed to spread suicide awareness and prevention to teens and young adults.


For more information on entering this year’s competition, contact the ULM Titleholders Director, Meghan Olinger at ulmtitleholders@ulm.edu.

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