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Student Development

Student Activity Enhancement Fee (SAEF)

The Student Activity Enhancement Fee is a referendum passed by the student body creating a pool of funding for student initiatives, activities, and experiences. Funding may be requested by a Recognized Student Organization, a Division focused on student involvement, or for a project that benefits the student body as a whole. Requests are submitted using the form available for download, as well as a detailed budget as to how the amount would be spent, including examples of research to show pricing.

Requests are considered five times a year (once over the summer, twice in Fall, and twice in Spring), and each group or division is subject to a funding cap. The request will be reviewed by a screening committee, then voted upon by the Fee Oversight Committee.



For more information about how this process works and clarification on the policy,

SAEF Policy PDFSAEF Request Cover Sheet

TRAVEL INCLUDED? To figure out the daily lodging & meals rates for your location for your trip, visit Per Diem Rates, an official website of the U.S. General Services Administration. This does not include arranged conference lodging block rates or meal provided with registration. All supporting documentation (event website with dates, times, destination, registration fees, hotel info, schedule) must be included for consideration with conference/tournament/event travel.

Please visit Travel Information with the ULM Controller's Office for more information.