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Practicum Experience in Health Studies

Intern student at clinic

The Practicum

The on-campus and accelerated online Bachelor of Science in Health Studies Management Marketing Track requires students to complete the health studies 4003 Health Science Practicum. Students in the Pre-Professional track have the option of completing a practicum for required observation hours.

This 3-credit practicum course is designed to provide students with on-the-job experiences in healthcare while under the supervision of an approved agency and is typically completed in the students’ final senior semester.

The practicum allows exploration of interests and career options while in school. Students will see what they have learned in class and how it applies to their current work and future employment.

The practicum experience helps students build practical skills necessary for career success.

Such Experiences may include:

Practicum Requirements

Practicum Coordinator

The role of the Health Studies Practicum Coordinator is to organize all matters related to finding and approving sites, creating the Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the sites, reviews and approves applications, assures students and preceptors adhere to practicum policies and resolves conflicts between the practicum sites and students.

The Health Studies Practicum Coordinator is Dr. Jodi Bower and can be contacted at jbower@ulm.edu for questions.



Practicum FAQ's for Students

Practicum Handbook

Practicum Site Industry Lists