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Spring 2024 Residence Hall Staff: 

Serving the needs of our resident population.

Staff Member on Duty Information

The Residential Student Staff Members serve as the point person for the hall. They are prepared to assist residents with many concerns – personal, social, academic, and environmental – as well as to assist students in developing and accepting responsibility for their own actions.

Contact the Staff Member on Duty to have them assist with lock-outs, noise disturbances, roommate/suitemate conflicts, general housing questions, etc. The Staff Member on Duty for each night will have a sign posted by the main entrance or in the lobby of the building, containing their identity and contact information.

Each building has a staff member on duty every night. 

          Weekdays from 7 PM to 7 AM

          Weekends from Friday 1 PM to Monday 7 AM, with exceptions to meal breaks.

If you need assistance, please follow this Chain of Command: 

The Staff Member on Duty > Your RA > Any Other RAs > Your Hall Director

Note: RAs and HD are also students. They have a class schedule, other student involvements, etc.  

During the University business hours, contact the Residential Life main office for assistance.

Madison Hall

John "JP" Radcliffe          Hall Director Madison-Central 246    318-342-6912
Zale Peoples Resident Assistant Madison-East 215 318-342-6480
  Resident Assistant Madison-East 315 318-342-6462
Noah Murray Resident Assistant Madison-West 238 318-342-6387
Jordan Nash Resident Assistant Madison-West 338 318-342-6442

Ouachita Hall

Ashley Canfield          Hall Director             OU APT behind Office 318-342-7335          
Shamyia Sweet Resident Assistant Ouachita 107 318-342-7343
Taylah Waldon Resident Assistant Ouachita 211 318-342-7367
Jessica Bush Resident Assistant Ouachita 310 318-342-7394

University Commons

Trinity Foucha            Hall Director              UNIV. Commons 1318 318-342-5971          
Isaiah Eiland Resident Assistant UNIV. Commons 1118 318-342-5817
Ja'Kya Duncan Resident Assistant UNIV. Commons 1218 318-342-5858
Lisseth Sanchez Resident Assistant UNIV. Commons 1328 318-342-7965

University Suites

Aakriti Pant                 Hall Director              UNIV. Suites 2211        318-342-6582         
Khia Purdy Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2106 318-342-6293
Taj'Zaquan McWilliams Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2222 318-342-5927
Treashure Mourning Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2322 318-342-5890
Victoria Pittman Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2422 318-342-6227

Bayou Suites

Devin McDaniel   Hall Director BYU. Suites 4122 318-342-7688 
Alicia Williams Resident Assistant BYU. Suites 4109 318-342-7661
Nate Lebo Resident Assistant BYU. Suites 4209 318-342-7709
Agnes Ugokwe Resident Assistant BYU. Suites 4309 318-342-7765

Bayou Village Apartments

Seth Allain Hall Director Apartment 6110 318-342-6118
Sara St. Pierre Resident Assistant Apartment 5102 318-342-7964
Ali Delahoussaye Resident Assistant Apartment 5305 318-342-7605
Tommy Nguyen Resident Assistant Apartment 6207 318-342-6155
Molly Williams Resident Assistant Apartment 6305 318-342-6193
Mashunti Jones Resident Assistant Apartment 7103 318-342-7428
Derrick Austin Resident Assistant Apartment 7308 318-342-7554

Masur Hall

Lakayja Dupree Hall Director Masur-APT 318-342-3603
Vacia Whorton Resident Assistant Masur-North 106 318-342-6507
Nyla Gray Resident Assistant Masur-North 220 318-342-6593
Daisy Drake Resident Assistant Masur-North 305 318-342-6550
Cambree Bennett-Newman Resident Assistant Masur-South 150 318-342-6551
Victoria Vu Resident Assistant Masur-South 256 318-342-6629
John'Nise Peoples Resident Assistant Masur-South 361 318-342-6706

Warhawk Village Apartments

This facility is managed in partnership. Hours of operation differ from university business hours.

Main Office Hours of Operations:

Monday-Thursday from 7:30 AM-5:00 PM

Friday from 7:30 AM-11:30 AM

Staff Member on Duty Hours:

Weekdays from 6 PM to 7 AM

Weekends from Friday 6 PM to Monday 7 AM, with exceptions to meal breaks.

WVAP Main Office Community Manager 1001 Peyton Dr. #8110 318-386-8501
Isiah Rodgers Resident Assistant Apartment 8211 318-540-5124
Jakiyah Smart Resident Assistant Apartment 8315 318-540-5124
Cartrall Clemons Resident Assistant Apartment 9113 318-540-5124
Kameron Thirkles Resident Assistant Apartment 9213 318-540-5124
Wumi Ariwajoye Resident Assistant Apartment 9307 318-540-5124
  Resident Assistant Apartment 9407 318-540-5124