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We are so excited that you are interested in staying on campus!

A few important things to note: (1) You must be a full time student to live in on campus housing, (2) All of our residence halls require a cumulative GPA to reside in those buildings, and (3) there is a certain number of hours you must have earned before you can have an automatic exemption to live off campus. For more information regarding the particular semester you are applying, please see the options under Tours in the left navigation bar.

All unmarried, full-time undergraduate students are required to live in on-campus residence halls as long as space is available, unless exempted by the institution for commutable distance or good and reasonable cause.  For additional information and a list of possible exemptions, please click here.

Want to schedule a tour?

Contact the Residential Life Coordinator for ULM Halls or Suites tours.

Contact the Community Managers for Warhawk Village Apartments tours.



Click each for more specific information


     Madison Hall - Male Residence Hall

     Ouachita Hall - Female Residence Hall

     Masur Hall - Female Residence Hall



     University Commons - Co-ed Residence Hall

     University Suites - Co-ed Residence Hall

     Bayou Suites - Co-ed Residence Hall



     Bayou Village Apartments - Co-ed Residence Hall

     Warhawk Village Apartments - Co-ed Residence Hall

Other Useful Information

Guide to Residence Hall Living

A document of policies and procedures for on-campus living.

What Can I Bring?

A helpful list of most commonly asked about items.

Residence Hall Pricing

A comparison chart and notes to help make a decision about housing.

Meal Plan Pricing

A comparison of on-campus meal plans to help make a decision about the accompanying meal plan.

Housing FAQs

A list of Frequently Asked Questions that are beneficial to current and new residents.

WashAlert for Laundry

A mobile app that allows residents to check machine availability, pay for, and monitor cycles.

Personal Property Insurance

A trusted company to provide coverage while staying on campus.