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Residence Hall Maintenance Requests

When a resident has a repair concern, it is important to determine if it is an emergency or non-emergency need. The breakdown below should help you in determining urgency and correct reporting method.


For service issues with:

Cable/Stream2 TV serivce; please contact Apogee Customer Support through live chat, email, or phone.

WiFi/Ethernet Internet service; please review IT's ResLife FAQ and/or submit a support ticket.

Coin-Operated Laundry machines; please contact Caldwell & Gregory through online request. 


For service issues at Warhawk Village:

Repair/Service requests; please contact the WVA Office during office hours or the RA on Call after-hours.

What is an EMERGENCY Request?

Examples include but not limited to:


Safety Issue

Elevator Emergency

Sewer Problems


Smoke Smell (not cooking)

Breaker Issues

During university business hours, call the main office ASAP. After hours, call the Staff Member on Duty ASAP.

Residential staff will then determine next steps and ultimately make the call to maintenance staff.

What is a NON-EMERGENCY Request?

Requests include but not limited to:

Beeping Smoke Detector

Slowly Draining Sink, Tub, or Shower

Lock Change

Room or Outside Lighting

Pest Issues

Broken Elevators

All Other Requests

Fill out a FIXX Ticket at fixx.ulm.edu to have the issue assessed, repaired, or addressed.

Resident should include an accurate and detailed description. Students do not schedule a time and do not need to be present for the repair.